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How drive to LASER-WAR

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LASER-WAR - attractions.

  • Laser Tag,
  • Laser Maze,
  • Karaoke
  • X-box,
  • Billard
  • Arcade (air hockey, darts, foootballl, boxer, kicker),
  • Massage chair.

Laser entertainment in a space edition.


Innovative entertainment with a smile guarantee and a drop of sweat - no running

Family attractions and team integration, a kind of adventure. Fun for everyone aged 7-107, also for girls and ladies.


1. LASER TAG - ARENA We play 20 minutes match at the 360m² laser arena. It all happens in fog, laser beams, UV lights and music.There are many different obstacles to hide.We also have a box of scoffers - a place to watch the game from.

Kamizelka (Plastron) miniS-XXXL - broń w LASER-WAR  

Players are equipped with sets of lighting blasters (miniS - XXXL). Blasters look like space blasters, we don't have replicas of real pistols - we only offer fun, no aggression!

 Attention! When we shoot, we see flying laser beams, so at the same time we see the speed of light of 300,000 km / s (186 282 mps)

 100% absolutely: safe, clean, pleasure with emotions!

The game is completely safe, we don't feel any shoots and it doesn't leave any traces.In our place you will not meet any traverse, aggressive climate or combat.

Up to 12 people can play at the same time.

In LASER-WAR we only play for fun, coming up with fun names for the games (visible on the big screen with the game results) and ending up with smiles on our faces.

In order not to wait, we recommend that you book the game over the phone or your own game on our website.Exclusivity - minimum 8 people.

2. LASER MAZElabyrinth of laser beams - we go under, over, between them.Similar to the "Mission Impossible" movie screens.The game becomes more attractive thanks to the client's own setting of the difficulty level and the start / end of the game.We compete with each other collecting points.At the start, we have 800 points, we lose one point every second, and one touch of the beam equals - 100 points.There are disqualifications: touching the 3rd beam or not pressing the button halfway.Accuracy is key, not just speed.

3. Machines: X-box, bilard (6ft), hokej, Dart, Kicker, Boxer, Piłka nożna ... check yourself!

In the bar we offer good coffee (I recommend latte), cold drinks, pizza from pizzeria, sweets and salty snacks.

We're having a great birthday party

® Marka firmy ograniczona w UE. Kopiowanie, używanie bez zgody LASER-WAR jest zabronione.